Dance With Us at the Fair!

Dance Alley is making a special appearance at the intersection of Market and Castro Streets, and we can’t wait to hear what these talented DJs have for us to enjoy on Sunday, October 3.

Trevor Sigler, 11:00a-12:45p — A staple on the SF dance music scene over the past decade, Trevor has had his hands in some of the more psychedelic queer dance music parties like Romper Room and Mixed Forms. A trained audio engineer, his sets lean towards the sounds that take full advantage of where a sound system can go. Glacial, roomy, and precise, Sigler takes a similar approach to his original productions that he does his DJ mixing.

Rich King, 12:45p-2:30p — SUPERSNAXX founder Rich King, a DJ and gadabout, is constantly and consistently creating opportunities to Celebrate life and the living of it.  Playing venues large and small, from the Black Party Main room to dingy basements coast to coast, he serves a funk-forward, left-field, somewhere-around-the-house vibe. When he is not pushing a cute SUNDAYSITUATION  or making a big FUSS with Trevor Sigler & Kevin “Kevmo” Moriarty he makes a scene with his EASY crew in NYC.

Infinite Jess, 2:30p-4:15p — You can normally Infinite Jess aka Jessica Borja at the little record shop on the corner of Haight and Steiner known as Vinyl Dreams. Collecting records since she was 13, she’s found a nice niche in diving for fun B-sides, and has an appreciation for records that live between genres. Aside from being a record clerk, she’s also the host radio shows The Saturday Morning Comedown (SutroFM), Deep Dive (Lower Grand Radio), and resident DJ for Soft Rendezvous.

Jordee, 4:15p-6:00p — Jordee is a trans nonbinary DJ based in San Francisco. As a DJ their eclectic sound crosses the spectrum – with nods toward the tripped-out sounds of SF in the ‘90’s laced with techno and acid, and flecked with polyrhythms. They are a cofounder of Kosmetik, a queer electronic night, and curate a monthly radio show on SutroFM.