From the sights and sounds of the Main Stage, to the beats on the street of Dance Alley, to the boot-moving grooves of Sundance Saloon – The Castro Street Fair has amazing entertainment for you to enjoy all day long!

Main Stage

Castro Street, between 18th and 19th Streets
Featuring: Big Dipper, Spice Queers, Cheer San Francisco, San Francisco Lesbian / Gay Freedom Band, SF LA Queer Nightlife, The Monster Show, New Conservatory Theatre Center Presents Avenue Q, Siobhan Aluvalot, Fou Fou Ha!, Ms. Jackson, and hosted by Carnie Asada and Miss J.
Main Stage details and schedule

Dance Alley

18th Street, between Castro and Collingwood
Featuring: Trevor Sigler, Siobhan Aluvalot, Robin Malone Simmons & Elaine Denham.
Dance Alley details and schedule

Sundance Saloon

18th Street between Hartford and Noe
Country and Western Dancing
Sundance Saloon details

Dolores Flow

In 2018, the Fair is proud to feature roaming performances from the local collective Dolores Flow. Keep an eye out for their flagging, hooping, and smiles at locations throughout the Fair!
Featuring: Action V. Jackson, Liam Ocean, Cindy Sparks, Sasha Vu, Magical Morgaine, and Aaron Zammaron


Full Schedule

11:00am Main Stage Ms. Jackson
12:00pm Main Stage San Francisco Lesbian / Gay Freedom Band
12noon Dance Alley Trevor Sigler
12:30pm Main Stage Fou Fou Ha!
12:50pm Main Stage Ms. Jackson
1:10pm Main Stage The Monster Show
1:30pm Dance Alley Siobhan Aluvalot
1:45pm Main Stage Board of Directors & Esteemed Guests
2:00pm Main Stage Cheer San Francisco
2:20pm Main Stage Carnie Asada
2:30pm Main Stage New Conservatory Theatre Center Presents Avenue Q
2:40pm Main Stage Ms. Jackson
2:55pm Main Stage The Monster Show
3:00pm Dance Alley Robin Malone Simmons & Elaine Denham
3:30pm Main Stage SF LA Queer Nightlife
4:00pm Main Stage Spice Queers
4:30pm Main Stage Siobhan Aluvalot
4:30pm Dance Alley DJ’s tag-team, with Trevor, Siobhan, Robin, and Elaine
5:15pm Main Stage Big Dipper


Fair Map

Castro Street Fair 2018 Map