Exhibitor Spotlight: Mojo Bakes

Mojo Bakes

Mojo Bakes is where salt meets sweet! Enjoy her brittle, shortbread and toffee at the Castro Street Fair. Her salty and sweet treats are nut-free and organic where possible, and she offers a whole collection of vegan treats. Come have a taste at the Fair, on Sunday, October 7th!

Exhibitor Spotlight: Amos Goldbaum

Amos Goldbaum

Amos Goldbaum is a line-drawer, street peddler, and muralist from San Francisco. He will be selling hand-drawn, hand-screened, prints and apparel featuring historic, local, and iconic San Francisco landmarks, including one of the Castro Theater.

See more on amosgoldbaum.com and come check him out on Sunday, October 7th at the Fair!

Exhibitor Spotlight: The Hairy Bastard

The Hairy Bastard

The Hairy Bastard will be offering high quality grooming essentials such as beard oils, hair and beard waxes, shampoo and conditioner in a unique range of masculine scents. The scents are hot, tough, manly, a little dirty and little raw but definitely rugged.

Find out more at thehairybastard.com! and check out their booth at the Fair on Sunday October 7th!